Hello world!

Salutations from Kvwordsmith!  I am a writer, flameworker, stained glass student, crone-in-training, all-purpose survivor, wordsmith, fairyphile, and I would like to tell the world, Be strong, speak true, make peace where you are, love one another, and be empowered through choice!


7 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. kvwordsmith Says:

    Shhh – this is my first time blogging. Is anyone watching? I’m mostly harmless…

  2. espirit07 Says:

    I’m watching — you’re going to do just fine 😉 — in the Soul Food community, reach out for help and it’s there. You might want to go back through and read the Advent Calendar for 2007 that Heather wrote — lots of step by step instructions on blogging that make it easier. Genece

  3. Heather Blakey Says:

    🙂 this is a relief

  4. Traveller Says:

    what is a flameworker, pls? Love your banner image

  5. kvwordsmith Says:

    I love my header too – credit goes to photographer Michael J. Brown. This piece, “Refraction” is some of his studio work. Here’s his web site: http://members.aol.com/artofmjb/html/studio.htm.

    Traveller: A “flameworker” is a “blow-torch babe” – that is, I do hot glass beadmaking. Basically you use a blow torch to melt a glass rod, wrap it around a steel mandrel, then decorate the bead by adding more colors of glass, designs, dots, stripes, siwrls, bits of broken glass, or pixie dust (gold or silver powders). I use them to make jewelry, key chains, etc. – mostly being a “pyro grrl” is a great way to release pressure from work, and it keeps mother off the streets!

  6. ravenofthesilkroad Says:

    stop saying you’re harmless! 🙂 you’re making the rest of us look as if we are really really terrible and horrendous–and we too are just harmless–but we don’t want anyone else to know 🙂

    and your blog thus far is delicious
    please keep up the excellent work 🙂
    and if need be I will knit you a hat to cover your hairdo
    that’s how I finally got over my own bad cuts 🙂

  7. kvwordsmith Says:

    I borrow the phrase “mostly harmless” from Douglas Adams, of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” fame…homage to a writer I love and miss… (“Mostly harmless” is the description used for the planet earth in the galatic dictionary – editors have such strict space limitations, that’s all there was room for…)

    What a lovely offer, a nice knit hat to hide my hairdo’s – much more attractive than the deep sea diver’s helmet I’ve been wearing all these years!

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