Hair Piece

   Jerry, I’ve had a lifetime of bad hair cuts!  I’ve been traumatized since the age of five, when my mother got a home barber kit and shaved me bald.  Then we went through the pixie cuts that made me look like an elf on drugs.  Next were the perms in our neighbor’s basement beauty shop, with its lilac and gold vinyl-covered chairs and perforated bubble hair dryers.  I came out of there with bangs that looked like a roll of quarters and a frizzy blonde page boy.  Mom loved it, but I wanted to wear stocking caps in August.

   …I still can’t even talk about the home perms…

   In my teen years I rebelled and wore my hair hippie-style, long and straight, parted down the middle, like Alfalfa on “Spanky and Our Gang”.  When the babies came, I cut my hair.  I was tired of having it pulled out by tiny fistfuls.  Next came the salon perms, holiday gifts from family members who felt sorry for me.  Then I went through my sassy stage, with my hair buzzed short all over, even shaved on the back of my neck.  The following year I was depressed, in law school, working in a dead-end job,  and I just did not care.  My hair grew out.  I shampooed and ran a comb over it, but it was on its own from there.

   One year I had renewed hope.  I traveled to Europe.  I thought having my hair done in a chic Amsterdam boutique would be my salvation.  But my stylist was having a bad night, and I ended up with assymetrical bangs and no idea how to wear my hair the next day.

   Then, at an all-time fashion and budget low, I gave up and went to a cheap chop shop.  I told the gum-chewing youngster to quit halfway through, after she cut a big chunk off my crown.  She was shameless, careless, and dangerously armed with shears and an attitude.

   So, Jerry, I fall on your mercy and I beg you to please, please, do something with my hair.  I need a miracle, because, believe me, I have had a lifetime of bad hair days! 


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6 Responses to “Hair Piece”

  1. imogen88 Says:

    This was fun, Kerry. I think everyone can relate!

  2. lorigloyd Says:

    Hey, I’ve been to some of those stylists!

  3. Traveller Says:

    sounds like the perm I had courtesy of the students on a hairdressing course – never again!

  4. kvwordsmith Says:

    BTW – credit for the header goes to photographer Michael J. Brown. This piece, “Refraction” is some of his studio work. Here’s his web site:

  5. sido Says:

    when you were a girl-your hair was so lovely-it was the color of a fresh pillow case. Framed your face like an angel or wild like a very pissed of goddess of substance.

  6. hairpiece Says:

    its very wonderful thanks

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