How to Fall in Love

Do not be expecting it – that is the best way.  Don’t even be looking for love – let it find you!  Just think it is a normal day.  Lalalala.  Say hello to your friends.  Laugh.  Eat lunch.   Tell jokes.   Make a coffee date with your Silly Side.  Be yourself.  Then, before you know it, if the right person comes along, they can’t help but fall in love with you.

Enjoy your lover’s company.  Talk often, kiss and hug a whole bunch.  Think about the other when you’re apart.  Sure, you miss each other, but imagine how happy you’ll be when you get together again!

When you fall out of love, it hurts worse than falling on your noggin and getting a big bump.  You may be very sad when you go to sleep that night, but tomorrow is a new day.  You might fall in love with someone new.  Or not.  It’s up to you.  But isn’t it exciting, wondering when love will come back into your life, tap you on your shoulder, and ask, “Are you busy?”

Just go about your everyday life and be open to whatever love comes your way.  When it’s your turn again, fall in love and be happy.  When it’s over, let it go until next time.

But always be ready for love! 

Kerry Vincent – copyright 1993


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