Evelyn West – Fever

Evelyn West - burlesque peer and Margie’s friendEvelyn West - Fever I dedicated “Strip Tease of Love” to my friend Margie, who just turned 84 and says she is “still scootin’!”  I couldn’t find a photo of her from “back in the day”, but here’s some pictures of her friend and peer, Evelyn West, who sometimes called when I was visiting Margie at home.  Here is a film clip:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAiIyDXP4us


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3 Responses to “Evelyn West – Fever”

  1. jodhiay Says:

    Tell Margie I said happy birthday to her! The stories she must have!

  2. woodnymph Says:

    Yes indeed. A Very Happy Birthday to a grand old lady. May she continue to scoot for many years to come.

  3. Straighteight Says:

    Still “scootin;” sounds like rhyming slang to these ears, and good on her! “Use it, or lose it” was never more true. How we love these yesteryear lovelies and their standout talents!

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