Camellia, Queen of Springtime

camellia photo

Outside – sleet is slashing down, angry winds roar, skies darken.

Across the Threshhold – Over the door step, through the portal, into the greenhouse.

Inside – Camellia, Queen of Springtime is smiling, her soiree of pretty pink, red, and white ladies gather to celebrate the end of winter, to welcome the coming Spring.

 At the center – I crown the mermaid girl in the wishing fountain with a fallen blossom tiara, curtsey, and bloom again.

(copyright 2008 Kerry Vincent)

Camellia, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Linnean House, St. Louis, Missouri, USA – 17 February 2008. 


4 Responses to “Camellia, Queen of Springtime”

  1. imogen88 Says:

    Camellias are lovely!

  2. espirit07 Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! The writing was cheerful and sure to awaken anyone’s muse 😉

  3. woodnymph Says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous Camellia.


  4. Heather Blakey Says:

    Camellia’s remain one of my utter favourites. Great piece Kerry.

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