M is for…


By Kerry Vincent © 2008

 (inspired by the Soul Food Café M is for Myth prompt) 

M is for myth, Medusa,

Magic, metaphor, mage,

Medicine women, mistress,

Mystery, and mystical music.

M could also be for
Middle-aged me,
Monotonous meetings,
Mundane months,
Medication, mistakes.

Mine is a mundane magic,

The Miracle of getting through another day.

My imagination takes off without me.

I’d rather cast spells than go to the office.

I’d rather dance in fairy rings that run errands.

I don’t go on quests, merely to the market.

I search for bargains, not the Holy Grail.

The only damsels in distress I rescue

Are my friends with the blues.

I’d rather challenge a fire-breathing dragon

Than deal with a telemarketer.

I’d rather ride with witches

Than make my dull commute to work every day.

I believe in the Goddess of Make-Believe!

I believe in the Immutable Muse!

I believe in my Imagination

And myths of my own making,




4 Responses to “M is for…”

  1. Heather Says:

    Wonderful alliteration Kerry

  2. woodnymph Says:

    I agree totally with Heather. This is a great piece.


  3. porchsitter Says:


  4. gwenguin1 Says:

    Absolutely lovely Kerry. I am so glad I chose to check out your site today.

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