If you feel like giving up…

Maia the Blue Fairy

If you wake with bad dreams,

flush them down the loo.

If you run out of toilet paper,

“shake the dew off the lily”.

If you burn your breakfast toast,

eat Cocoa Puffs instead.

If your blue fairy loses her wings,

loan her your stilts.

If you find a worm in your apple,

go fishing.

If your grapes are too sour,

make a nice vinaigrette.

If you fall in the grass,

say hello to the ladybugs.

If you don’t know the words,

just sing REAL LOUD!

If you break your magic wand,

learn a new spell.

If you feel like giving up,


Just tell your pain,

“You’re not the boss of me!”

Remember what Uncle Oscar (Wilde) said:

“Living well is the best revenge.”

by Kerry Vincent (c) 2008


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2 Responses to “If you feel like giving up…”

  1. Joy Says:

    Lets see…got up early to get to work early, three hours later I made it (should have only taken 30 minutes to one hour). Logged in at work and discovered I had my daughter’s phone. Back home I go only to make it into work an hour later than before. I feel like the fairy with a bent and broken wing…but…the sun is shining, the air is clear, my wing is mending and it will be a glorious day! I look forward to the future and all the magical beauty it holds. Friends and family…like you.

  2. celticsea Says:

    Well said – by you and by Sir Oscar. I will heed all advice given.

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