Between the Knots

12 pt Russian Damask lace

 (thanks to Manon’s flying carpets, which got me thinking about lace…)

Our lives are knotted together,

tightly tied threads

that join and split and join again.

Where do you end?

Where do I begin?

Is there a pattern?

Am we trapped in our web?

Are we too tightly twisted?

Are we well-aligned?

Are our tag ends showing?

I feel tension between the stitches.

Is there some overall design,

symmetrical and balanced,

a complex beauty I am blind to?

Or are we a tangled, tattered mess?

Should we pull the thread,  start all over, just give up,

Unravel all our work?

So much of our lives are lived between the knots.

The spaces between are part of the lace, too.

by KVWordsmith (C) 2008


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