The Four Gentlemen of Sumi-E Painting


by Kerry Vincent (C) 1982

Blossom pushes forth

ice crackles and must give way

to new life – springtime.

Commonplace bamboo –

useful, lovely, it is the

essence of our lives.

Graceful orchid grass

swaying in the gentle breeze –

timeless as the wind.

The chrysanthemum –

glorious, majestic,

emperor’s symbol.


5 Responses to “The Four Gentlemen of Sumi-E Painting”

  1. Fran Says:

    It is good to find more of our folk writing poems once again. The images are so right. Fran

  2. lorigloyd Says:

    This is a written snapshot of a moment in time. And I love the title.

  3. espirit07 Says:

    Just beautiful!

  4. woodnymph Says:

    Beautiful use of words. Makes me want to sway with the grasses.

  5. gailkav Says:

    Oh, lovely – just lovely.

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