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April 30 – Last Glass Class

April 30, 2008

Yeah, I admit it, I am indeed a pyromaniac at play, a blow torch babe, a flame dame – nothing relieves work day stress like firing up my HotHead blow torch and burning some glass, making lampworked beads, twisting rods, rolling hot glass in frit, applying millifiori slices, adding stripes and dots and my strange designs…

Or maybe laying down some slick stained glass, scoring it to cut it, making the glass cry, breaking it apart, grinding it down, foiling it, fluxing it, soldering the seams, cleaning & polishing it off…I’ve even blown a little glass, I’d like to try fusing dichroic glass next, and I’d love to work in a hot shop like Chihully’s Pilchuk Studio someday…

For now, I enjoy this medium of opposites, cold and hot, fluid and solid, clear and opalescent, flat and 3-D, streaky and textured, this mysterious miracle that lets the light shine through, takes the heat, but survives like a Phoenix!

Despite the occupational hazards, the cuts, the burns, the breakages, I am proud to be a Glass Geek/Glass Goddess!



Glass Class – April 29

April 29, 2008



this glass, this green glass, this blue glass,

this teal glass, even this pale purple glass,

this glass looks so cool, so calm, so serene,

but that is only because it is jazz glass:

it hides its past oh so well

so all you see is the cool.


this glass was not always cool and flat –

once it was burning hot, fluid, streaming,

molten like lava spilling from a volcano,

this glass is sand and ash that has paid its dues.

It has survived the fiery furnace,

But like a phoenix,

It has risen from the ashes to be reborn.


This glass is jazz glass –

It has paid the price,

It has counted the cost,

But it chooses to be transformed,

To groove on forevermore:

Behold the birth of cool!


By Kerry Vincent © 2008

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April 28 – Glass Class

April 29, 2008

glass frame

Again – art saves the day!

See something you like at a gallery?  If you can afford it – buy it – you never regret purchasing art!

I found the card that is framed in glass above at the Jacoby Arts Center last fall.  I didn’t know what I’d do with it – I just liked it, and, honestly, it was a bit of a “guilt purchase” – I try to support the arts locally when I can, I had just seen a free gallery show – and a card was all I could afford that day.

These several months later, one of my co-workers announced she is leaving to pursue her dream of a career in nursing.  I remembered the card – and thought it would be perfect for someone going into the “helping hands” profession.  So I made a stained glass frame for it – and I have a one-of-a-kind gift ready to share.

Often I don’t buy paintings I like because “I have no place to put it” – my walls are already crowded.    But being able to give it away, or merge it with another art form (like my stained glass frames) – gives me an excuse to listen to my heart & artist’s spirit – and support a local gallery/artist – and give something memorable – all rolled into one!  Again, art saves the day!

April 27 – Glass Class

April 27, 2008

Genece\'s painting, Kerry\'s frame

Another collaboration – Genece’s digital painting, my glass frame

Shhh – It’s a surprise for my daughter’s birthday!




April 26 – Glass Class

April 26, 2008

Stained glass frame by Kerry, print by Amy Brown

Merged muses – I made the stained glass frame,

Amy Brown painted the Forget Me Not II fairy print.


April 25 – Glass Class

April 25, 2008

I am a geode, she said.

Round, shaped like the earth,

Rough and crusty on the outside.

But inside me, at my core,

There is treasure!

Dazzling crystals,

Amethyst, jasper, celestite,

Beautiful natural jewels,

Formed slowly over time,

Banded with concentric rings.


…I never knew what lay within

Until I was split open, broken apart,

And exposed to the light…


Kerry Vincent (c) 2008

April 24 – Glass Class

April 24, 2008

frame by Kerry, painting by Genece

When we work together, we can create wonderful things!

This work is a collaboration between artists – I made the glass frame, but the painting was done by Genece Hamby.

Together, they make a lovely gift (which I gave to a co-worker for her 50th birthday today.)

April 23 – Glass Class

April 23, 2008

Steuben glass penguin

Clear fluid form

cooler than Antarctica

embracing pure light

April 21 – Glass Class

April 21, 2008

art glass by Joel Philip Myers

It looks so peaceful, calm, eternal, serene, contained, silent –

and yet to get to the work of art we see here,

the glass techniques included:

glassblowing, hot applying glass shards and cane, cutting, sandblasting, and acid etching.

We too are tried in the fire, worn by cares, cut to the quick, and all we can focus on at the time is the pain and frustration.  But the results – once we’ve come through the furnace and cooled off again – are worth it!

Kerry Vincent (c) 2008


April 20 – Glass Class

April 20, 2008

Tina Turner singing Proud Mary

I am the Tina Turner of Stained Glass!

Like Tina singing “Proud Mary”, some people like to do it “nice & easy”

– I do it “nice & ROUGH”.

I cut narrow & solder wide (trademarks of beginners).

My corners are not exactly square

and my straight lines are not exactly straight.

But I love this medium, and learning,

so I keep trying.

I’m getting better, with practice.

So my finished work has lots of flaws –

but it is made with much love –

perfection is over-rated anyway…