April 10 – Glass Class

Once, when I was working in the flame, trying to melt several rods of glass together, twisting them to create a bead with a marbled effect, the red-hot glass blob got lopsided and fell off.  I had intended something beautiful, but there was nothing I could do.  I couldn’t pick it up – it was too hot!  So I just had to let it go – let it cool – fortunately my work area has a concrete floor.

Later, when I checked on it, I found a wonderful glass glob, striated with turquoise, brown, and ivory marbling – better than anything I could have created, not matter how hard I worked!

Sometimes, the lesson is to just let go – sometimes we are pleasantly surprised!




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3 Responses to “April 10 – Glass Class”

  1. shewolfy728 Says:

    I agree, and I would have loved to see the glass blob. I think I need to learn to do this!

  2. jodhiay Says:

    It’s true, and I saw it myself many times while trying too hard during pottery classes, drawing, and even writing.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Isn’t it the most fun when that happens? Wonder why we fight so hard for control?

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