April 18 – Glass Class

Corning Museum

art glass by Joel Philip Myers

Liquid turquoise

 Sifting of Sedona sand

Flash of a jaybird’s tail

Once molten core

now serene and still forever

in timeless cool, clear glass

by Kerry Vincent (c) 2008


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4 Responses to “April 18 – Glass Class”

  1. woodnymph Says:

    Your glass works are beautiful…all of them. I especially love the one posted for April 18th. And your words, they tell a story. Thank you for sharing.


  2. thalia Says:

    these are beautiful – so rich and flowing. And your writing fits so well. Lovely!

  3. Fran Says:

    I did not think that the hard, and fluid surface of glass could wield such magic as these pieces–the cat asks to be touched and the colors glow as only glass could against the sun and your poems fit. just lovely. Fran

  4. espirit07 Says:

    Kerry, this is an exquisite piece. What a gift you have of making the glass appear ethereal and dreamy.

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