April 19 – Glass Class

Walking Away

Have you ever loved something so much you had to walk away?  That’s where I am with stained glass right now…I haven’t been doing it for several weeks, and tried to get back into the groove – utter failure.  Can’t measure, can’t cut straight, much less grind with precision.  Afraid to heat up the soldering iron – I shouldn’t be around hot tools or caustic chemicals just yet.

So I stepped away from the frame I wanted to make for my daughter’s birthday – made her a green & yellow glass bead necklace instead – tomorrow, I will go back to the glass table and try again, when I am fresh.  Hopefully all will go better – I will try again tomorrow.



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2 Responses to “April 19 – Glass Class”

  1. espirit07 Says:

    Sounds like you listen when you’re off. I think that is so wise 😉

  2. porchsitter Says:

    Patience, wisdom and a touch of humility can come from failure. All lessons well learned. And you didn’t give up, you diverted your creativity to another task. 🙂 Tomorrow is a lovely word.

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