April 20 – Glass Class

Tina Turner singing Proud Mary

I am the Tina Turner of Stained Glass!

Like Tina singing “Proud Mary”, some people like to do it “nice & easy”

– I do it “nice & ROUGH”.

I cut narrow & solder wide (trademarks of beginners).

My corners are not exactly square

and my straight lines are not exactly straight.

But I love this medium, and learning,

so I keep trying.

I’m getting better, with practice.

So my finished work has lots of flaws –

but it is made with much love –

perfection is over-rated anyway…


2 Responses to “April 20 – Glass Class”

  1. espirit07 Says:

    It’s just not right that you aren’t professionally writing! You have an amazing gift with words.

  2. porchsitter Says:

    “Perfection is over rated, anyway. . . ” I agree, and so do some Japanese ceramic artists—they intentionally create a flaw if one isn’t present.

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