April 21 – Glass Class

art glass by Joel Philip Myers

It looks so peaceful, calm, eternal, serene, contained, silent –

and yet to get to the work of art we see here,

the glass techniques included:

glassblowing, hot applying glass shards and cane, cutting, sandblasting, and acid etching.

We too are tried in the fire, worn by cares, cut to the quick, and all we can focus on at the time is the pain and frustration.  But the results – once we’ve come through the furnace and cooled off again – are worth it!

Kerry Vincent (c) 2008



3 Responses to “April 21 – Glass Class”

  1. shewolfy728 Says:

    Lovely piece of glass, Kerry. Glasswork is fascinating, and the pieces you are presenting are just wonderful.

  2. espirit07 Says:

    Kerry, you are such a philosophical soul and this piece, like many, highlight your wisdom and insights.

  3. porchsitter Says:

    I can see a big coffee table book–illustrating what you’ve written and pictured. Very inspiring!

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