April 30 – Last Glass Class

Yeah, I admit it, I am indeed a pyromaniac at play, a blow torch babe, a flame dame – nothing relieves work day stress like firing up my HotHead blow torch and burning some glass, making lampworked beads, twisting rods, rolling hot glass in frit, applying millifiori slices, adding stripes and dots and my strange designs…

Or maybe laying down some slick stained glass, scoring it to cut it, making the glass cry, breaking it apart, grinding it down, foiling it, fluxing it, soldering the seams, cleaning & polishing it off…I’ve even blown a little glass, I’d like to try fusing dichroic glass next, and I’d love to work in a hot shop like Chihully’s Pilchuk Studio someday…

For now, I enjoy this medium of opposites, cold and hot, fluid and solid, clear and opalescent, flat and 3-D, streaky and textured, this mysterious miracle that lets the light shine through, takes the heat, but survives like a Phoenix!

Despite the occupational hazards, the cuts, the burns, the breakages, I am proud to be a Glass Geek/Glass Goddess!



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4 Responses to “April 30 – Last Glass Class”

  1. woodnymph Says:

    Your work, Kerry, is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of it.


  2. Lori Says:

    Your work is amazing so if that makes you a pryo, so be it!

  3. porchsitter Says:

    A whole new, glass vocabulary–so interesting to read about your passion for this art. Chihully’s studio, now there’s a dream to set your heart aflutter. The man’s a genius.

  4. thalia Says:

    What a marvelous way to releive the stress of the day. And such lovely results.

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