When I Turn 40

By Kerry Vincent © 1992


When I turn 40,

You’d better duck!

I won’t waste time

And I won’t give a fuck!

When I turn 40,

Get out of my way.

I won’t be pleasant

And I’ll have my say.

If you don’t like it

I won’t really care.

If you don’t believe me,

Just test my dare.

Mid-life is half-life,

I’ve got no time to lose!

No more pleasing others:

It’s MY time to choose!

“Life begins at 40” –

Or so I’ve heard say.

Why wait till then?

I’ll start living today!


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4 Responses to “When I Turn 40”

  1. mo 57 Says:

    I remember when you wrote this poem. It still brings a smile! Kerry on old girl-kerry on!

  2. woodnymph Says:

    We all should learn to start living today.


  3. Jill Says:

    Oh YES !

  4. Sarah Joyce Bryant Says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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