I am haunted by stories that want to be told, that want me to tell them, that want to be heard, that want a writer to help them have their say. 


   I am haunted by characters that want me to describe them, observe them, record them, show, not tell, how they lived and why they made the choices they did and give a glimpse of what they might have been.


   I am haunted by words that dance just out of sight.  I know just the right word, but it won’t come when I need it.  Three hours later, there it is, grinning and hopping in plain view.


   I am haunted by plots that might work, if only I could figure out the missing pieces, plots that imply they are plausible, but they lie, they lie!


   I am haunted by endings – it could be this, or that, or something else – but what SHOULD it be?  “Let the characters tell you” – but they suddenly join a mime troupe and leave en masse.  Pesky protagonists!


   I am haunted by peer reviewers who cried “trite, trod ground, showing, not telling” and my own fear of failure.


   I am haunted by authors and teachers and readers and by the muse herself.  I want to please. 


   Like a child resisting going to sleep, I beg, “Just one more story…”



By Kerry Vincent © 2008


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2 Responses to “hauntings”

  1. Lori Says:

    I think we all have these ghosts. I like the way you crafted this– a prose poem?


  2. Jill Says:

    Mmmm, it does have a poetic feel to it ….you speak for us all and you speak so eloquently!

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