Scary Story

   The ghosts have gathered.  It is their time of year, Halloween soon approaching.  In truth, the ghosts are always here.  But they become more active when more people believe.  Or should I say more people are willing to suspend their disbelief when nights grow cold and stories grow scary and we wonder about the things we cannot explain, things that go bump in the night.


   Like white-gowned spectors, old guilt drifts out into the open, dressed up like ghosts.  We call them unsettled spirits, someone who suffered and died.  Confederate prisoners are said to haunt Hopp Hollow Road in Alton, Illinois, where I live, begging strangers for a decent burial, then vanishing again in the shadows.  The lights flicker in a downtown Walgreens drugstore – is it the electricity, or spirits of those slain in a pioneer massacre almost 200 years ago?   


   I appreciate an explanation for something I do not know, but not just any story will do.  I reserve my right to exercise critical thinking.  And, as Rilke said, I have “learned to love the questions themselves”.  I enjoy the chill of a spooky story, but they don’t scare me (much):  the logical, rational side of me keeps interrupting.  My inner skeptic is quite active. 


   Anyway, all I have to do, if I want to hear something truly frightening, is turn on the news.  That’s where the real monsters are.




Kerry Vincent © 2008


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3 Responses to “Scary Story”

  1. Lori Says:

    Oh, sister, you said it! I am a news junkie and even I have had to turn it off this past week.

  2. Jill Says:

    Oh how true, how true…… Lori I have stopped listening for a while to give my brain a break!

  3. woodnymph Says:

    Seems they tell all the bad stuff and for some reason don’t report on the good. There is plenty of good out there if we are willing to look for it. Good post, Kerry


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