Stream of Unconsciousness

(response to a prompt on what inspires me)
A Stream on Unconsciousness (In response to What inspires you? prompt)
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I want to know why and what if and how and where and when and if you don’t give me the answers I will make them up I make stories to give meaning to this life because it would just be a cruel joke to be here floating in this metaphysical soup if there is no point no purpose no reason for being but maybe that is the reason that there is no reason but I’d rather pretend there’s a reason and a plot because I know my life is full of complex characters like my family or origin and trying to figure them out and me out is enough to force my pen to the page where I can put my thoughts on paper and then I can tear up the paper and throw it away no one gets hurt but if it’s a really good line I might copy it out and use it somewhere else because you hate to waste a good line and often that’s how you get the good stuff by letting your mind wander in bad neighborhoods and turning off your internal editor and telling her to go take a break so you can just write without worrying about spelling and syntax and just let an idea be lit on fire to brighten the world because it’s too dark and scary to be alone and afraid and sometimes the only jokes you hear are the ones you tell yourself and if you aren’t listening then where does the laughter go going round and round the mulberry bush ashes ashes all fall down anyone lived in a pretty how town in a sepulcher by the sea me and my Annabelle Lee fog sits on little cat feet and then moves on and on and so it goes breathe in breathe out that’s what it’s all about
by Kerry VIncent


One Response to “Stream of Unconsciousness”

  1. Genece Says:

    I love, love, love this stream! Juicy. Yes, very juicy, meaningful and humorous.

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