Lime & the Coconut Philosophy

I take the lime and the coconut, the sour with the sweet.
I take the good and the bad, & the middle where they meet.
I take the ying and the yang, the night and the day.
I take the black and the white, and all the shades of gray.
I take the ups and the downs, try to find my way.
Aware of each moment – all we get is today.
I should take each day one day at a time;
I would find my balance, everything would be fine.
…I forget and have to try again,
And again and again and again…
So I take a deep breath, keep moving ahead.
“Life is short, and you’re a long time dead!”
By Kerry Vincent, 2010


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7 Responses to “Lime & the Coconut Philosophy”

  1. Lori Says:

    Outstanding! I even tried to put it to the tune of ‘You take the lime and the coconut”….. oh, no, I’m going to be humming that tune all weekend. And I am so with the philosophy…..

  2. kvwordsmith Says:

    I started with a Caribbean rhythm & ended up with a Swedish proverb – I guess I say, “Ja, ja”, “Ya mon”, if I let all my personalities talk at once…!

  3. cronelogical Says:

    One day at a time ends up in a very large pile! Fran

  4. Jill Says:

    haha, me too Lori – fabulous work Kerry!

  5. cydlee61 Says:

    This was great! And I too now have the song in my head!

  6. almurta Says:

    Great sentiment –

  7. pearlz Says:

    Yes, I agree !

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