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Practical Sins

August 27, 2010

     I forgive myself for practical sins,

For rushing through things, not really listening,

Hurrying and scurrying through my busy day,

Missing the important moments:

 The holy sunlight on those purple petunias,

 The taste of grace in my cup of black tea,

A baby’s toothless smile.

     I forgive myself for practical sins,

For taking today for granted,

For forgetting that tomorrow is never guaranteed,

For trying to do it all alone, without asking for help,

When it would help someone else to let them help me.

     I forgive myself for practical sins,

For using store-bought and pre-packaged,

When I know I could fix better, fresher, homemade myself.

The cost of convenience is high,

Makes me forget to use my own talents and skills.

     I forgive myself for practical sins,

For being full of shouldas, wouldas, and couldas.

I will do what I can, when I can,

And try not to worry so much about it when I can’t.

This world already has the complete collector’s set

Of shames and pains and regrets –

No need for me to add mine to the heap.

     I forgive myself for practical sins,

Mostly, I will try, each day, to forgive myself for

being human.

I am my own worst enemy most of the time,

But I could be my own best friend.

I will try to find the elusive blessed balance.

     Please let me be a lifelong student of practical kindness,

To myself, and to others,

Beginning with the Introductory Course:

“Forgiveness of Me”,

The pre-requisite for “Forgiving Others”,

“Listening Skills”, “Advanced Caring”, and

“Joy, and Peace through Wholeness and Love”.


by Kerry Vincent (c) 2010