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October 12, 2010

   I fell in the parking lot, scraped my knee, bruised the palm on my hand.  I didn’t break anything, didn’t even bleed much, but I had hit hard and it really stung.  When I got inside, I put some Band-Aids on and started digging for some ibuprophen – I knew it was going to be hurting.  While I was hunting for my pill box in my purse, I came across it – my old spirit stone.  I had forgotten I even had it.

   My spirit stone is a small, round, tan stone with a wolfhead carved on one side.  (My spirit animal is coyote, so I pretend the wolf is a coyote.  My boundaries are fuzzy anyway.)  I pulled the stone out and laid it against my bruised palm – it was nice and cool and soothed the burning and stinging some.  It was then I noticed the strange writing on the uncarved side of the stone.  “Now what kind of rune is that?” I wondered.  Then I turned the stone 90 degrees and read “OK”.  I vaguely remember writing “OK” on the rock with a permanent marker, a long time ago.  I had given myself the gift of “OK” – my homemade mantra came back to me:  “I am OK, I will be OK, things change, but everything will be OK, someday.”

   What a nice gift I’d given myself – free of charge – and how nice to re-discover it again, when I really needed it.