Bio & Background

 Kvwordsmith (Kerry) is a lifelong student of the creative process. She has been hooked on creative writing since the first grade, when her teacher enthused, “Kerry has talent –and a very big imagination!” She has been writing ever since: poetry, fairy tales, novels, trade magazine stories, newspaper articles, journal entries, responses to creative writing prompts….(Sometimes she even gets published, on paper and/or online, though she hasn’t quite figured out how to make a living out of doing what she loves the most.) Kerry is happiest when lost in a fictive dream. 

Kerry tries to do something creative every day, for at least 15 minutes a day. Like Michelangelo, her credo is, “Ancoro imparo!” (“I am still learning!”) In the last few years she has tried new creative challenges, working in falmeworked, fused, dichroic, and stained glass, and handcrafting beaded jewelry. She enjoys firing up her HotHead blow torch to work in the flame making glass beads from scratch or using her Evenheat kiln to fuse dichroic glass pendants, earrings, and small specialty dishes. (Kerry admits to being a bit of a pyro-maniac, but stresses she always observes recommended safety precautions.) She posted something about working with glass almost every day of April 2008 in this blog and has another blog about her glasswork, 




Coyote is Kerry’s spirit animal


a combination of trickster, joker, shaman, and shapeshifter. She has always loved fairies and is proud to be pixie-led. She dwells at the edges, at the fringes, in the twilight time, when magic happens. She believes we can apply our creativity to transform our pain into art to help ourselves heal and become whole.
Since Kerry can’t (won’t?) focus on one area of creativity, she has named her blog “Creative Kaleidoscope.”
Come along and ride with her on her creative  journey!


“Your sacred space is
where you can find yourself
again and again.”
Joseph Campbell



Strength is a twisting vine that won’t let go

Strength is a will that will not give all the way

Strength is a quiet root that digs in and survives.


I confront my past and all my pain

I confront my grief and my loss

I confront the unfairness of life

I accept it – it is mine –

But it is not all that I am.


I heal by the salve of poetry

I heal by creativity’s touch

Art can’t change what happened

But it changes me so I can heal myself.

It renews me, empowers me,

Gives me choices,

Puts me back in control,

Lets me connect.


Pain is a great teacher

Art is a great healer

Together they make me strong.


The Muse never promised this life would be easy.

She never said I’d get riches or fame.

She only stands in the vortex

Pointing to the Sacred Way.


Kerry Vincent © 2008








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