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Apollo 11

June 13, 2008

needle with a wake of fire

pierced the atmosphere

pointed the way

and man touched a dream:

“We came in peace for all mankind.”

(c) 1994 Kerry Vincent


An Embroidered Tale

May 7, 2008


“Gramma, how can you just sit there and embroider all the time?” asked 7-year-old Ainsley.

            “It’s relaxing,” answered Irma, aged 73.

            “Don’t you get bored, just sitting still for so long?” Ainsley’s little brother Drummond wanted to know.

            “Why, no, dears, I’m not bored at all!  I just let my mind wander, and I follow it wherever it goes.  I have so many memories to choose from!”

            “You mean you’re not just thinking about sewing?”

            “No, this is just my cover!” whispered Irma, winking.  “What I’m really thinking about is the time I saw the fairies!”

            “You saw real live fairies?” asked Ainsley, her eyes wide with wonder.

            “Mom says not to fib,” Drummond challenged.

            “Oh, but I did see fairies, down by the barn!  They were dancing in a ring in the meadow, to wonderful music, tinkly bells, tiny harps, and little flutes!  The lady fairies had wings just like butterflies, and they had tiny pointed ears, flowing hair, shiny, shimmering gowns, and they were only 6 inches tall!”

            “Could they fly?”

            “Of course they could fly!  A boy fairy flew right up to me and asked me to dance, but I was afraid I might crush them underfoot, so I said I just wanted to watch.”

            “How many fairies did you see, Gramma?”

            “Oh, lots and lots, children!  They flew all around, up and down, chasing each other, playing tag and hide-n-seek!”

            “Did the girl fairies look like little princesses?” Ainsley asked.

            “Oh, yes, and the lads were small, but very handsome.”

            “Were they good fairies or bad fairies?”

            “They were tricksey, but I knew how to stay out of trouble!  They asked me to eat fairy cake and drink nectar, but I didn’t.  I knew better, because I had read all the fairy tales.  If I had eaten fairy food, I would have been lost to the land of fairies forever…I would never have met your grandfather, and or had your mother, and you would have never been born…”

            “Really?” asked Ainsley and Drummond.

            “Really.  But we’re all here together now, so we can be a happy family,” Irma said, and went back to her sewing.  She jabbed the needle in the cloth and pricked her index finger.  Bright red blood started to flow.

“We’ll get you a Band-Aid, Gramma,” the children said, and ran off.

“Thank you, my dears,” said Irma.  She was glad to be alone for a few moments…She didn’t want them to see the tears in her eyes, as she remembered what really happened down by the barn, when she was small.  She had been whipped until red welts rose on her legs, and whipped some more, until she repeated after her father, “Fairies aren’t real.” 

Irma preferred her version, where she saw the fairies and they played happily together.  She hoped her grandchildren believed in fairies.  Imagination, like bright embroidery floss, adds so much color to life!


By Kerry Vincent © 1994

If you feel like giving up…

March 10, 2008

Maia the Blue Fairy

If you wake with bad dreams,

flush them down the loo.

If you run out of toilet paper,

“shake the dew off the lily”.

If you burn your breakfast toast,

eat Cocoa Puffs instead.

If your blue fairy loses her wings,

loan her your stilts.

If you find a worm in your apple,

go fishing.

If your grapes are too sour,

make a nice vinaigrette.

If you fall in the grass,

say hello to the ladybugs.

If you don’t know the words,

just sing REAL LOUD!

If you break your magic wand,

learn a new spell.

If you feel like giving up,


Just tell your pain,

“You’re not the boss of me!”

Remember what Uncle Oscar (Wilde) said:

“Living well is the best revenge.”

by Kerry Vincent (c) 2008

Coming soon to a fairy glen near you…

March 8, 2008


stories to follow…

The Princess of Twilight

February 17, 2008

The Princess of Twilight gathers a handful of rose petals, candleglow on lace curtains, and the luster of old pearls.  She walks through the meadow, the whispering darkness following softly behind her, a rustling tafetta train of shadows. 

Then crickets start to sing and a peeper’s chorus of frogs begins.  Hoot owls call.  One by one, stars appear.  Peace gently washes over the hills.  Wrapped in the dark soft blanket of night, the countryside rests.  Now magic can begin.  Pixies slip out from behind the ivy leaves to dance in the silvery stardust.  The Princess of Twilight smiles, waves her hand and blesses the fairies in their ring.  She gathers the deep stillness around her shoulders, snugs it close like a traveling cloak, and drifts off to sleep.  

Tommorrow she will weave her spell of beauty once more, and gently pull the day to an end, tugging the drawstrings of her silken purse.

Hedgehog’s Starry Night

February 17, 2008
The little hedgehog sat at his kitchen table and wrote his Aunt Mercedes a letter. He told her how white the moon had shone last night, and how there were so many stars sprinkled in the skies, and how he stood there in the cold night air (shivering just a little), and wished she could be beside him to share his wonder.Somehow, just writing to his Aunt about the night sky made him feel that he had shared the beauty with her, even though they lived many burrows apart.

“That must be what this writing is all about!” he thought. “All this scribbling is more than just my pen scratching the paper – it’s magic! I can make someone feel like she’s right beside me, sharing something special, and it even makes me feel closer to her, although she lives far away. Why, words are wonderful! You can play with them all you like, and it doesn’t even cost you a penny!”

Hedgehog smiled to himself, folded the letter, sealed it in an envelope, and hummed all the way to the nearest mailbox. He opened the flap and slid the letter down the slot, saying, “Here you go, Aunt Mercedes, a lot of love and a little magic is on its way to you!” The door slammed shut with a staisfying bang.

“Writing is such fun – I should do it more often,” he thought, and whistled as he waddled all the way home.