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Results from six word memoirs prompt:

May 7, 2009

These were fun – hope you enjoy!

By Kerry – Kezza – Cordelia – © – 2009 –

  • Loathe acronyms but must pay bills!
  • Lonely child hurts, heals, helps others.
  • Many wrong turns finding my way.
  • She writes – creates – transforms – art heals!
  • Yes, healing is a lifelong process.
  • Fused in fire, annealed in hope.
  • Were Pen’s pupil, finding my voice.
  • Kerry Ellen, Glass Artist: Surprised Sheila!
  • “Good onya, Kez!” – Believe in yourself!
  • Soul Food Café – Global Sisters Salon

April 30 – Last Glass Class

April 30, 2008

Yeah, I admit it, I am indeed a pyromaniac at play, a blow torch babe, a flame dame – nothing relieves work day stress like firing up my HotHead blow torch and burning some glass, making lampworked beads, twisting rods, rolling hot glass in frit, applying millifiori slices, adding stripes and dots and my strange designs…

Or maybe laying down some slick stained glass, scoring it to cut it, making the glass cry, breaking it apart, grinding it down, foiling it, fluxing it, soldering the seams, cleaning & polishing it off…I’ve even blown a little glass, I’d like to try fusing dichroic glass next, and I’d love to work in a hot shop like Chihully’s Pilchuk Studio someday…

For now, I enjoy this medium of opposites, cold and hot, fluid and solid, clear and opalescent, flat and 3-D, streaky and textured, this mysterious miracle that lets the light shine through, takes the heat, but survives like a Phoenix!

Despite the occupational hazards, the cuts, the burns, the breakages, I am proud to be a Glass Geek/Glass Goddess!


April 28 – Glass Class

April 29, 2008

glass frame

Again – art saves the day!

See something you like at a gallery?  If you can afford it – buy it – you never regret purchasing art!

I found the card that is framed in glass above at the Jacoby Arts Center last fall.  I didn’t know what I’d do with it – I just liked it, and, honestly, it was a bit of a “guilt purchase” – I try to support the arts locally when I can, I had just seen a free gallery show – and a card was all I could afford that day.

These several months later, one of my co-workers announced she is leaving to pursue her dream of a career in nursing.  I remembered the card – and thought it would be perfect for someone going into the “helping hands” profession.  So I made a stained glass frame for it – and I have a one-of-a-kind gift ready to share.

Often I don’t buy paintings I like because “I have no place to put it” – my walls are already crowded.    But being able to give it away, or merge it with another art form (like my stained glass frames) – gives me an excuse to listen to my heart & artist’s spirit – and support a local gallery/artist – and give something memorable – all rolled into one!  Again, art saves the day!

April 19 – Glass Class

April 19, 2008

Walking Away

Have you ever loved something so much you had to walk away?  That’s where I am with stained glass right now…I haven’t been doing it for several weeks, and tried to get back into the groove – utter failure.  Can’t measure, can’t cut straight, much less grind with precision.  Afraid to heat up the soldering iron – I shouldn’t be around hot tools or caustic chemicals just yet.

So I stepped away from the frame I wanted to make for my daughter’s birthday – made her a green & yellow glass bead necklace instead – tomorrow, I will go back to the glass table and try again, when I am fresh.  Hopefully all will go better – I will try again tomorrow.


The Dark Muse

March 15, 2008
(Inspired by Soul Food Cafe prompt to give thanks to a creative ally)
He fears the blank wall but he must face it.  The pen burns his hand but he cannot let go.  The words are ghosts that haunt his body and his mind.  He does not want to see them, but there they are, a cold presence, that must be released to find peace.
She watches him.  She will not let him go.  He must face his fate, dree his weird.  He has things to say, things he does not know, that he will not know until he says them, until he writes them on the wall of his soul.
He is naked.  He can hide from himself no longer.  His way is lonely, but he must go on.
He nurses at the dragon’s teat.  He sucks the danger, spits the poison,  sacrifices himself to save his people. 
No one knows of his silent suffering,
but a few others chained to the Muse.
It is the way of the artist,
the salvation of creativity’s soul.

Wild Vine

March 8, 2008


I wrap myself around art

like a wild vine wrapping around a garden stake.

it supports me, lifts me from the dirt, shows me the sun,

provides order in a chaotic world.

Art whispers, “So much is possible!”

I belong in this victory garden;

it’s where I grow.

(Kerry Vincent Copyright 2008)