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Glass Class – April 3

April 3, 2008

millefiori pendant

“Glass makers in Murano, Italy have been producing exquisite millefiori (“thousand flowers”) since the 15th century.  Skillful Murano glass craftsmen, who were famous for their blown glass and exquisite beads,  expanded their craft to include the production of glass rods made with different colored layers, with some of the center layers resembling rosettes, stars and other shapes. Thus was born millefioriThe same processing technique used then is still used today.” Making millefiori is painstaking, labor-intensive work – but the results are worth the effort!  Many long thin rods of glass are placed together to make delicate patterns.  Our lives are made up of various tiny bits, good and bad days, pleasant and unpleasant people, dull days followed by exciting, productive periods  – it’s hard to see any meaningful design or pattern – but when all the little pieces are put together so you can see the whole, you see something simply beautiful.