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Icarus in Descent

February 12, 2013

Icarus in Descent:
loving Sol who burnt him,
hating more than ever
his mundane destination,
helpless in freefall —
although enlightened
when his winged dreams
melted with the wax
and fluttered down with the feathers.

He fell to the ocean
knowing he had flown close enough
to be burnt by the sun.
(c) Kerry Vincent 1981


My Daily Bread

October 11, 2012


by Kerry Ellen


I need to tear off a hunk of quiet

And feed my blistering soul.

Rip off some time to just be

Like breaking a baguette

Eating my pain – pan – just the “I” difference…

So much disappointment

Like waves of nausea

Only settled by meeting basic needs

Bread – my favorite comfort food…

I wish for some of that wonderful orange fennel sea salt bread from Hampton Bakery

Another want ungranted.

Still licking my wounds

And blinking back tears

Filling a hall with my sighs

Not yet really letting go

Just allowing the dreams to drift away

Like ghosts muttering of lies

Lost love, life unrequited.

A snap in the air and I hear the rustling as again

I sweep my hopes to the side

Like colored autumn leaves

Beautiful but fallen

Dry but not quite dead.