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My Old Dog Pain

September 20, 2013

samThere’s an old dog named Pain who lives at my house. He moves slow now and his muzzle his grizzled with white. He’s been here for a long time.
Mostly Pain just sleeps – sometimes he snores – sometimes he runs in his sleep – chasing imaginary rabbits and squirrels. His car chasing days are over, but in his dreams, he always gets that tire.
Once in awhile Pain wakes up, startled, alerted to some danger I can’t see, hear, or smell. He rises to his feet, barks, looks around, paces a bit, barks some more, chuffs, then, after I tell him to hush a few times, he settles down once more, as if nothing had happened. It’s an old game we play. I pretend nothing is wrong and he takes another snooze. Till next time.
Don’t disturb him when he’s asleep. Don’t put your hand by his mouth – he might wake and bite. It’s just the old instincts. He is protecting his pack – me. We don’t like strangers that mean us no good. You might get away with bribing him once, but it won’t work twice. He’s old but he’s still sharp.
Hello, Pain, old dog, old friend of mine…I pat his head as I walk by, scratch his ears and under his chin. He lifts his head, blinks, and goes back to sleep. We’ve been together a long time.



October 12, 2010

   I fell in the parking lot, scraped my knee, bruised the palm on my hand.  I didn’t break anything, didn’t even bleed much, but I had hit hard and it really stung.  When I got inside, I put some Band-Aids on and started digging for some ibuprophen – I knew it was going to be hurting.  While I was hunting for my pill box in my purse, I came across it – my old spirit stone.  I had forgotten I even had it.

   My spirit stone is a small, round, tan stone with a wolfhead carved on one side.  (My spirit animal is coyote, so I pretend the wolf is a coyote.  My boundaries are fuzzy anyway.)  I pulled the stone out and laid it against my bruised palm – it was nice and cool and soothed the burning and stinging some.  It was then I noticed the strange writing on the uncarved side of the stone.  “Now what kind of rune is that?” I wondered.  Then I turned the stone 90 degrees and read “OK”.  I vaguely remember writing “OK” on the rock with a permanent marker, a long time ago.  I had given myself the gift of “OK” – my homemade mantra came back to me:  “I am OK, I will be OK, things change, but everything will be OK, someday.”

   What a nice gift I’d given myself – free of charge – and how nice to re-discover it again, when I really needed it.