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Fire Lily

June 13, 2008


Softly whistling as it shoots upward,

Bursting in a sparkling display

Of color, design, and gracefulness,

The fire lily brilliantly blooms

In the hot summer night sky.

It twinkles for a few moments,

And then is sifted slowly into the darkness,

Blown away on the breeze,

Gone except for the memory.


I wish upon each falling star

That I may follow in its shining arc:

Subtle in my ascent,

Glorious in my brief moment,
Graciously fading away…


© 1982 Kerry Vincent







April 27 – Glass Class

April 27, 2008

Genece\'s painting, Kerry\'s frame

Another collaboration – Genece’s digital painting, my glass frame

Shhh – It’s a surprise for my daughter’s birthday!




April 24 – Glass Class

April 24, 2008

frame by Kerry, painting by Genece

When we work together, we can create wonderful things!

This work is a collaboration between artists – I made the glass frame, but the painting was done by Genece Hamby.

Together, they make a lovely gift (which I gave to a co-worker for her 50th birthday today.)