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Icarus in Descent

February 12, 2013

Icarus in Descent:
loving Sol who burnt him,
hating more than ever
his mundane destination,
helpless in freefall —
although enlightened
when his winged dreams
melted with the wax
and fluttered down with the feathers.

He fell to the ocean
knowing he had flown close enough
to be burnt by the sun.
(c) Kerry Vincent 1981


Valkyrie’s Prayer

May 7, 2008

A web of weird is cast –

Three sisters weave the wick:

Clothos, who spins the thread of human life,

Lachesis, who determines the length,

And Atropos, who cuts the thread of the quick.

Twisting raw fibers,

They form a cocoon,

Over and under, around and through:

They proclaim my fate and raise an alarm:

A mortal soul is born!

Mine is a cloth torn from the loom

As the spirits whirl and dance,

Chortling with glee.

Random misery is my lot –

I cannot escape the gods’ own curse.

I dwell in a cloud of blackness,

My innocence plucked from my youth.

Cancer of sorrow sprouts like a fungus

In the dank undergrowth of my mind.

Tangled, ensnared, choked by the ropes,

I claw at the garrote and pray,

“Great Norns, transform me!

Let me become uroboros,

Declaring, like the Scots queen,

‘In my end is my beginning.’”


Kerry Vincent © 1992