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Verbal Feast

August 1, 2014

Whisk in some words
Sift in some syntax
Simmer some simile
Stir in a soupcon of sass
Mix in some metaphor
Render some rhyme
Knead in some nouns
Add adverbs and adjectives
Marinate with meaning
Parboil with plot
Garnish with grammar
Drizzle with description
Serve page-side at once.

By Kerry Ellen, 2014


Poetry: Duct Tape of the Soul

September 14, 2010

Poetry: Duct Tape of the Soul

Good poems are like a full roll of duct tape –
Sturdy, strong, hardworking, flexible, resistant to tearing.
Good poems, like duct tape,
Take two or more different thoughts
And stick them together good and tight,
So that the ideas touch and meet and face each other,
A durable, long-lasting union, hard to pull apart.
Good poems, like duct tape,
Should be unrolled slowly, carefully,
Not twisted or twirled or dropped.
Goods poems, like duct tape,
Can save the world!
…Well, almost…
But I’m not too worried about Armageddon –
I’ve got my pens, my journals, and good poems,
— The sticky duct tape of my soul —
To put me back together again if I fall apart.

By Kerry Vincent © 2010