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Evelyn West – Fever

February 21, 2008

Evelyn West - burlesque peer and Margie’s friendEvelyn West - Fever I dedicated “Strip Tease of Love” to my friend Margie, who just turned 84 and says she is “still scootin’!”  I couldn’t find a photo of her from “back in the day”, but here’s some pictures of her friend and peer, Evelyn West, who sometimes called when I was visiting Margie at home.  Here is a film clip:


Strip Tease of Love

February 19, 2008


Love is an exotic dancer,

Someone who knows just how to tease,

How to make you want her,

How to pull away at the last minute.

Sometimes she blows you a kiss.

More often, she takes your heart,

Turns on a spike heel,

And bumps and grinds her way

Over to the next tipping customer.



From a distance she is beautiful,

Her costume is sparkles and spangles.

But up close you see the wrinkles,

The dark circles under her eyes,

The desire for what might have been.



By Kvwordsmith © 2008

Dedicated to Margie Stroud, who turned 84 today and is “still scootin’!”