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She Who Must Be Obeyed

June 16, 2008

Step right up, see the stupendously strange, this morbid monstrosity, this modern marvel,  freakishly feminist, wickedly weird wonder – an independent woman!  She is free to go where she pleases, think her own critical thoughts, pay her own way, choose to take care of herself as well as others – be amazed, be very amazed – as the Cirque de Soul Food presents  – the fabulous female of the species, Freya!


Perhaps she suffered as a child from her father, and older brother, or maybe she just thought she could have higher aspirations than being an extension of her male counterpart.  Whatever her sad story, here she is – in the flesh – right before your very eyes she will say shocking statements such as, “You don’t need a man to do this job – you just need a flathead screwdriver!”  or “Poverty sucks, and big girls go to work!”  Be inspired as she announces, “I can do it!”


“She is woman – she is strong – she is invincible – hear her ROAR!”


April 8 – Glass Class

April 8, 2008

Sometimes we get jobs or responsibilities we don’t like, but we still have to do them.  I remember long ago being assigned to wash the stained glass window in a 100-year-old house.  I don’t think it had ever been washed before – it was a nasty, dirty job, up on a ladder, soapy water running down my arms, lots of little bits that needed careful attention…

But the reward – when I first saw the sun streaming in through that beautiful colored glass, it was magnificent!  Worth every second of scrubbing!

Sometimes we don’t know how dirty something is until we get it clean again, and see it in the daylight.  We have no idea how beautiful something can be when we take the time and effort to wipe off the dirt and dust and let the sun shine in!