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April 24 – Glass Class

April 24, 2008

frame by Kerry, painting by Genece

When we work together, we can create wonderful things!

This work is a collaboration between artists – I made the glass frame, but the painting was done by Genece Hamby.

Together, they make a lovely gift (which I gave to a co-worker for her 50th birthday today.)


My Gay Fantasy

March 20, 2008


Human Rights Campaign logo

In my gay fantasy, I walk down the street with my partner and we do not have to fear having our heads bashed in by homophobes.

In my gay fantasy, no one calls us  names, snickers, sneers at, or slanders us, just because we are a little different. 

In my gay fantasy, I can legally marry my partner of several years.  We can receive the same tax benefits straight couples take for granted.  We would feel welcomed at church and in other community groups.  Our families would love us just the way we are.

In my gay fantasy, we would not feel obligated to “pass as straight” on some jobs – doing our work well would be sufficient.

In my gay fantasy,  I am treated the same as everyone else.  I am judged “by the content of my character”, not by what I choose to do in the privacy of my own home.

In my gay fantasy, no one fears, shuns, rejects, shames, or hates me.  I may be different, but I am equal.

In my gay fantasy, “family values” includes all people.  Everyone would have access to the same human rights.  Queers, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transgendered persons, and people living with HIV-AIDS would all be respected equally and given a fair chance.

…But I am gay, and this is only a fantasy, that I dream will come true someday…Until then, I do what I can to make my world a better place for everyone…

Signed – Your son or daughter, mom or dad, brother or sister, friend, co-worker, teacher, fellow student, nurse, attorney, firefighter, mail carrier, favorite artist, writer, musican, actor, etc.

by Kerry Vincent (c) 1997